Impulse Claw 300

Mouthpiece vented technology providing controlled balanced airflow

Impulse Claw 300 integrates with Impulse Air – a triangular mouthpiece vented liner which delivers proven results.

Lightweight & Ergonomic

The lightweight and ergonomic design make the claw easier for the operator to handle and reduces the overall weight of the cluster, therefore, improving cow comfort.

 Impact Resistant

The Impulse Claw 300 is a combination of quality components made out of high-quality material, including the market-leading Radel® PPSU, which makes it extremely durable and gives it a long working life. The Radel® PPSU is also transparent giving you 360° milk flow visibility.

Ideally Spaced Nipples

The Impulse Claw 300 has been designed with the modern cow in mind which often has narrow rear teats with strong udder cleft. Therefore the claw has ideally spaced nipples for optimal cluster positioning. The modular design also allows for milking in all parlour types, including milking through the rear legs as well as milking down the body of the animal, by rotating the claw lid 180 degrees. 

The perfect upgrade for any parlour type