Expert Analysys

Mouthpiece vented technology providing controlled balanced airflow

Problem-solving is our expertise. With the many years of dairy farm experience, Lars knows how to milk cows! If you find any problems within the shed and milking process: we can help you. A full assessment will be done on the whole milking process. An extended report will be provided including the situation now and recommended improvements.

  • Checking whole milking process (including cows on the yard, and going on the platform, staff animal handling, teat spraying.
  • Testing of the milking machine plant.
  • Extensive report with recommendations.


What makes Milk R Us the best at this?

Lars has more than 10 years testing experience in The Netherlands. While doing dairy farming for nearly 20 years in New Zealand, Lars did do testing in the wintertime. So, he has kept up to date with technology developments in several brands. Also knowing how to milk cows is a very great advantage. He uses not only technical, but practical experience to make sure your machine is as efficient as can be!

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